Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius -- and a lot of courage -- to move in the opposite direction.

Albert Einstein

InByte's Jiskar - marketing data with speed of light...

You are boring from slow information collecting...
You are boring from slow information processing...
You want to start promotion of your product, but ...
you don't know is the market ready for that promotion...

In general actually you don't know what the market wants...

so what - ask the market...

You have a new product... and you don't bother that the market wants it or not...


so what - find the places that will maximize sales...

screenshot_0329134159-a               Collect right information...
              Collect it fast...
              Collect it on right places...
              Process it clever...
              Take precise decisions...

              be mobile, be fast, be precise...
              know the market before others...

with Jiskar you can talk with market - just start conversation...

Jiskar is inovative system for marketing information collecting, processing and knowledge extracting. It consists from Mobile Information Collection Points and Informaton Processing Servers.
Jiskar eliminates collecting of information by "pen and paper" and thus makes this process much faster and much more flexible.

As Jiskar eliminates difficulties in the process of information collecting, now the companies can focus on the clever information processing.

So the whole process collect-process-decide now becames as easy as 123.

You don't know where to ask - don't bother - Jiksar has comprehensive database with geocoordinates and addresses of most popular sell points in Bulgaria. So you actually know where to ask...

Give us your questions and for 1 to 3 days we will make them accesible on mobile devices of your poll force, or on ours poll force if you rent it from InByte.

screenshot_0329134247-a Collected information will be available to you as fast as it is collected by the poll force, so you can start take decisions... and change the game...

How to became a client ?

Send an e-mail to

Which points of contacts to use ?

You can use your own list with points of contacts.In this case you have to send us list with points of contacs that you wish to use. This list have to have address of points of contacs and their geolocation coordinates. If you can not specify geolocation coordinates - don't worry - you can leave this to us.
Below is a link to the MS Excel sheet template that you have to follow.

You can rent from InByte different lists with points of contacts. Currently we have next lists with points of contacs all on theritory of Bulgaria:

Name of the POC list number of poc-s
Metro cash and carry 14
MyStore 1000
Billa 83
Penny 48
Lidl 56
Carrefour 12
CBA 168
Fantastiko 37
Maxim group 42
Piccadily 47
Kaufland 26
DM 36
Lilly 17
Petrol AD 375
Shell with sell points 107
Eco 82
Pharmacies 1440

What information will you collect ?

You can define you own survey. All that you have to do is to send us questions, and InByte will made them accessible through the internet only to your poll force. Another way is to choose from standart surveys that InByte has created and supports out of the box.
How you will collect this information ?

You can use your own interviewers. Every interviewer have to have an Android tablet with installed Android OS version 3.0 or higher. Every interviewer should download and install the Jiskar client application from here. For every your interviewer, InByte will create user account, so it to be able to use your surveys.
If you can not organize your own poll force, you can rent it from InByte.

Time lines for collecting of information ?

You have to define the time lines for collecting and processing of information.

Tracking the process ?

InByte will create special web page on which you can track the information collecting process.

Information analisys ?

The collected data can be analyzed by your analyzers.
You can hire by InByte experts in statistical data analizes, data mining and / or data warehousing.